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At Rainbow Air School we offer everything required to obtain your National Pilots Licence in either the Light Sport, Weight Shift or Conventionally Controlled Microlight Aircraft category. We also offer Licence Renewals, Type Conversions, Category Conversions and Instructor Ratings. Contact us today to see how we can help make your dreams of flying come true!

  • National Pilots License
  • Type/Category Conversions
  • License Renewals
  • Instructor Ratings

Get licensed with us

CCM License

Upon completion of this course, our students are awarded with a Conventionally Controlled Microlight Aircraft License.

Instructor Rating

Ratings for Light Sports Aircraft, Conventional Controlled and Weight Shift Microlight Instructors. Grade C, B and A.

LSA License

Upon completion of this course, our students are awarded with a Light Sports Aircraft License.

WCM License

Upon completion of this course, our students are awarded with a Weight Shift Microlight License

Frequenty asked questions

No, we operate on a pay as you fly basis with the condition that you maintain a positive account balance.

The duration is much dependent on your availability and budget. To obtain a full National Pilots Licence varies from 3 months for students who fly regularly to 2 years for students with time and budget constraints. There is no time limit but we do encourage students to fly at least once a week if possible.

The National Pilots Licence is specifically aimed at recreational flying and is a more affordable way of getting your wings. Limitations are that you’ll only be able to fly aircraft with a maximum takeoff weight of 600kg and carry one passenger. A PPL Licence will allow you to fly heavier aircraft and carry more passengers but the licence is more costly to obtain. Aircraft that require a PPL licence are also more costly to own and operate.

Our Students that now Fly Solo

Rainbow Air School has some truly inspirational instructors, they look after your best interests and keep you as safe as possible. There is also a great flying community at Klipriver Airfield of past and current students, you are sure to make friends and flying partners. I highly recommend Rainbow Air School.

Kenneth Mortimer

Our Students who Earned Their Wings

During my training with you at Rainbow Air School Klipriver I found you to be very diligent, taking a one on one approach and understanding whatever my short falls were that needed to be addressed as a student pilot. The amount of effort you put in, and in essence, allowing me to make the odd mistake or two, WITHIN safe parameters, actually made me think before doing something wrong. (I remember you saying, are you sure you want to do that) That in itself is such an insight that many instructors do not understand, it makes a student think ahead so their planning happens smoother. (ANC=aviate navigate communicate) I remember you laying out a floor plan, so to speak, of Rand Airport for us 4 students who were going to do the controlled air space flight. No matter how we struggled with that concept, you took the time to instruct each one of us stage by stage, even though it was frustrating for us, your instruction got through to us and that is a mark of a true passionate instructor. My dream of being a pilot took me 40 years to achieve, without you that would have been impossible, an experience of note.

Miguel Matias

The Rainbow Airfields

Our Aircraft Options

Let your dreams
fly with us

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Opening Days: 7 Days a Week (Weather Dependent)

Opening Times: Sunrise to Sunset (Weather Dependent)

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